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SSB-Service selection board|Screening| Day-1

Stage 1 consist of OIR,Screening and GD

As,we have discussed about OIR in my previous blog.

Screening Test

Picture perception and Discussion test (PPDT) is a part of Day 1.
Screening which is conducted immediately after the completion of OlR test. There is no break as such between the test, in fact you have to be seated in the exact same place for Picture perception test as well.

New sheets will be provided to you and a blurry picture will be displayed on the Screen for 30 Seconds. During these 30 seconds room lights will be dim so that you can clearly focus on the picture.

This is the time given to analyze the picture and decide on your story. Immediately after 30 seconds the projector will stop and room lights will be back on, which is the indicator that you can start writing your story.

A total of 1 minutes is given to pen down what you have perceived by way of number of characters, their age, their mood, etc. and 4 minutes to write a story relating to that picture. However, you will not be notified that 1 minute is over and only 4 minutes are left. You are at your liberty to utilize the time given.

Coming to the details of PPDT, You will be provided with set of instructions by the officer briefing you. These instructions may slightly vary in different selection Boards and therefore one is advised to follow them carefully.




The First test directed at SSB is the OIR test. The OIR test is offline test i.e pen and paper, this test fundamentally includes two papers of 45-55 inquiries each dependent on verbal and non-verbal thinking in target type group (MCQs)

OIR test will have two set of papers. Further, the time allotted for the OlR testdepends upon entry to entry, for instance in entries based on the writtenexamination such as CDS, NDA and AFCAT, the time allotted will be around 30minutes. On the other hand, in technical entries like TGC, UES, SSC-Tech and morewhere there are a lot of candidates and relatively less number of vacancies, the time given is about 18-25 minutes.

A Separate sheet is given to write down the appropriate responses.However, there are no rought sheets given .Watches and calculator are not permitted too. You will be informed when 5 minutes are left.

For your practice a mock test is given below!!!!!!!

Created by credence

Instructions for candidates

1-Fill your detail properly

2-There are 40 questions of 2 mark each

3-No negative marking

4-Don't leave any question
All the best!!!

1 / 40

I shall take revenge...... you.

2 / 40

The robbers were arrested and .......prison yesterday.

3 / 40

Select the one which is different from other three alternatives

4 / 40

Select the one which is different from all altervatives

5 / 40

Find odd one

6 / 40

Find odd one

7 / 40

Find the odd one

8 / 40

Find missing one?

9 / 40

Find the missing one

10 / 40

1953.1215 , 781.25 , 3125 , ? , 20

11 / 40

3252 , 3080, 2958, 2876, 2826

12 / 40

If '+' means divided by , - means added to, x means subtracted from and ÷ means multiplied by, then what is the value of 24 ÷ 12 - 18 + 9?

13 / 40

If '<' means minus ,'>' means plus , '=' means multiplied by and '$' means divided by then what would be the value of 27 > 81 $ 9 < 6 ?

14 / 40

To hit the nail right on the head

15 / 40

To smell a rat

16 / 40

If A=1, FAT=27,then FAITH=?

17 / 40

If KASHMIR is written as 8142753, how RIMSHAK can be written in the code?

18 / 40

Pointing to a photograph of harisom, Vicky said "the father of his sister is the husband of my wife's  mother'. How is Vicky related to Harisom?

19 / 40

R is the daughter of Q.M is the sister of B who is the son of Q.How M is related to R?

20 / 40

A total of 324 coins of 20 paise and 25 paise make a sum of rs 71.The number of 25 paise coins is

21 / 40

Sea is related to ship in the same way as Road is related to?

22 / 40

Rabbit is related to Burrow in the same way as lunatic is related to:

23 / 40

In a class 3/5 of the students are girls and rest is boys. If 2/9 of the girls and 1/4 of the boys are absent,what part of the total number of students is present?

24 / 40

Find the missing term

25 / 40

Number of squares in the figure

26 / 40

Arrange the words given below in a meaning full sequence:

27 / 40


28 / 40

How many 6 are there in the following series of numbers which are preceded by 7 but not immediately followed by 9?

29 / 40

Statements- Some ants are parrots. All the parrots are apple.

Conclusion-All the  apples are parrots.Some ants are apples.

30 / 40


31 / 40

32 / 40

33 / 40

Which one of the following diagram show relationship between Employers,Doctors And Women

34 / 40

Which one of the following diagrams best depicts tghe relationship among Boys,Girls and children

35 / 40

There are 7 continents in the world excluding Antartica

36 / 40

Milky way is a galaxy which gives us milk

37 / 40

38 / 40

Sohan started from point X and travelled forward 8 km up to point Y, then turned towards right and travelled 5 km up to point Z then turned right and travelled 7 km up to point A and then turned towards right and travelled 5 km up to B.What is the distance between point B and X?

39 / 40

A starts from a point and walks 5 kms north, then turns left and walks 3 kms. Then again turns left and walks 5 kms.Point out the direction in which he is going now.

40 / 40

Select the one which  is different from others

Your score is

The average score is 38%


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