OIR|introduction and Mega quiz

OIR|introduction and Mega quiz

The First test directed at SSB is the OIR test. The OIR test is offline test i.e pen and paper, this test fundamentally includes two papers of 45-55 inquiries each dependent on verbal and non-verbal thinking in target type group (MCQs)

OIR test will have two set of papers. Further, the time allotted for the OlR testdepends upon entry to entry, for instance in entries based on the writtenexamination such as CDS, NDA and AFCAT, the time allotted will be around 30minutes. On the other hand, in technical entries like TGC, UES, SSC-Tech and morewhere there are a lot of candidates and relatively less number of vacancies, the time given is about 18-25 minutes.

A Separate sheet is given to write down the appropriate responses.However, there are no rought sheets given .Watches and calculator are not permitted too. You will be informed when 5 minutes are left.

For your practice a mock test is given below!!!!!!!

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You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

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Instructions for candidates
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2-There are 40 questions of 2 mark each
3-No negative marking
4-Don't leave any question
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'KATHAK' is related to 'U.P" in the same way as 'ODYSSEY' is related to:-

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Metal is related to conduction in the same way as plastic is related to:

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In a chess tournament each of six players will play every other player exactly once. How many matches will be played during the tournament?






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Pointing to the women in the photograph, Mitali said, "Her son's father is the only son-in-law of my mother."How is mitali related to the women?

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A certain number of horses and an equal number of men are going somewhere.Half of the pwners are on their horses back while the remaining ones are walking alone leading their horses.If the number of legs walking on the ground is 70,how many horses are there?

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In a group of cows and hens,the number of legs is 14 more than twice the number of heads.the number of cows is

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A is brother  of R. C is mother  of B. M is sister of C. How is M related to B?

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If E=5, RED=27, then DANCE=?

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If CLOUD can be coded as 59432 and RAIN as 1678, how can AROUND be coded?

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Sanmitra walked 8 m towards the north.He turned to his right and walked 16m, then he turned to his left and walked 5 m and again he turned to his left and walked 16m. In which direction is he from his starting point?

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Mohan starts from point A and Walks 1 km towards south,turns left and walks 1km .Then he turns left again and walks 1km. Now he is facing.

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To have an axe to grind

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To end in smoke

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A is brother  of R. C is mother  of B. M is sister of C. How is M related to B?

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If + means x, x means -, ÷ means + and - means ÷, then which of the following gives the result of 175-25÷5+20x3+10?

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If L stands for+, M stands for-,N stands for x,P stands for ÷, then
14 N 10 L 42 P 2 M 8 =?

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Select the one which is different from the other three responses.

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Find the odd figure from the given alternatives

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Find the odd one

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Which one will replace the question mark?

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Replace the question mark:

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Find the missing number in the given series
40, 326, 2946, 29418. 323607

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Select one which is different from other three alternatives

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Select one which is different from other three alternatives

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Select one which is different from other three alternatives

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Select one which is different from other three alternatives

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Select one which is different from other three alternatives

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Find the mission number in the given series
560, 1089, 1725, 2443, 3284, 4245

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John, where are you?......up this tree.

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That the poor in our country, are happy is

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How many 3 are there in the following sequence which are neither preceded by nor immediately followed by 9?

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STATEMENT:-Some mangoes are yellow.Some tixo are mangoes.

CONCLUSION:-Some mangoes are green.Tixo is a yellow.

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STATEMENTS:-Some ants are parrots.all the parrots are apples.
CONCLUSION:-All apples are parrots.Some ants are apples.

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A piece of paper is folded and punched as shown in question figures.From the given answer figures indicate how it will apear when opened.

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From the following two different appearance of die find out the number which is opposite to 5

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Four positions of a dice are given below.Identify the number at the bottom when top's number is 6.

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49, 72, 118, ? , 394, 762, 1498

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    Some questions were repeated,,,, difficulty level was easy,still i could not finish all,,,, but will do morevin future…….. come up with dice wala nd image reasoning more….
    Thnx for ur time making such test….
    Really goodvjob
    Keep it up
    Nd sorry

    It was really good…
    And will be of great help in various examinations…
    Good job…
    Apke Chrn Kha h prbhu …

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