The First test directed at SSB is the OIR test. The OIR test is offline test i.e pen and paper, this test fundamentally includes two papers of 45-55 inquiries each dependent on verbal and non-verbal thinking in target type group (MCQs)

OIR test will have two set of papers. Further, the time allotted for the OlR testdepends upon entry to entry, for instance in entries based on the writtenexamination such as CDS, NDA and AFCAT, the time allotted will be around 30minutes. On the other hand, in technical entries like TGC, UES, SSC-Tech and morewhere there are a lot of candidates and relatively less number of vacancies, the time given is about 18-25 minutes.

A Separate sheet is given to write down the appropriate responses.However, there are no rought sheets given .Watches and calculator are not permitted too. You will be informed when 5 minutes are left.

For your practice a mock test is given below!!!!!!!


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Ophthalmia is related to eye in the same way as rickets is related to

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A shegherd had 25 sheep. All but elevan died.HOW MANY WASHE LEFT WITH??

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A bird shooter was asked how many birds he had in the bag. He  replied that there were all sparrows but six. How birds he had in the bag in all?

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D is brother of B .M is brother of B.K is father of M.T is wife of K.How is B related to T?

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Pointing to a women , Neeraj said, "She is the daughter of my wife's grandfather 's only child."How is the women related to neeraj?

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If z= 26, NET =39, then NUT=?

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IF, F=6, MAT=32,then how much is CAR?

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Sachin starts from point P and walks towards South and stops at point Q.He now Takes a right turn followed by a left turn and stops at point R. He finally takes left turn and stops at point S.If he walks 5 km before taking each turn,towards which direction will sachin have to walk from point S to reach point Q?

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Barking up the wrong tree

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Roll up one's sleeves

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To leave someone in the lurch

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Roshni leaves from her home.She first walks 30 metres in North -west direction and then 30 metres in South - west direction.Next,she walks  30 metres in South-east direction.Finally ,she turns towards her house, in which direction is she moving?

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In a certain code language INDIA is written as LQGLD then JAPAN will be written as.

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If MOTHER is coded as KMRFCP, then HOUSE is coded as

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P is the brother of D.X is the sister of P.A is the brother of F.F is the daughter of D.M is the father of X.who is the uncle of A?

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The ratio of the number of girls to the number of boys In a town is 90%. If the total number of boys and girls in the town is 190,how many girls are in the town ?

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Two person A and B get the same salary.Their basic pay are different.The allowances are 65% and 80% of the basic pay respectively. What is the ratio of the basic pay?

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2 litre of pure alcohol is added to 6 litre, 40% alcohol solution. The percentage of water on the solution is ______.

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Which one will replace the question mark?

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Nun is related to Convent in the same way as Hen is related to:-

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Find the odd word pair from the given responses

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Find the odd word pair from the given responses

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Find the odd word pair from the given responses

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Find the odd word pair from the given responses

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Select one which is wrong


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Select one which is wrong


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Select one which is wrong


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Select one which is different

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Select one which is different

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Select one which is different

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If p denotes +, Q denotes ÷, R denotes X and S denotes -, then 1111Q11P5R25S99=?

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