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SSB-Service selection board|Screening| Day-1

Stage 1 consist of OIR,Screening and GD

As,we have discussed about OIR in my previous blog.

Screening Test

Picture perception and Discussion test (PPDT) is a part of Day 1.
Screening which is conducted immediately after the completion of OlR test. There is no break as such between the test, in fact you have to be seated in the exact same place for Picture perception test as well.

New sheets will be provided to you and a blurry picture will be displayed on the Screen for 30 Seconds. During these 30 seconds room lights will be dim so that you can clearly focus on the picture.

This is the time given to analyze the picture and decide on your story. Immediately after 30 seconds the projector will stop and room lights will be back on, which is the indicator that you can start writing your story.

A total of 1 minutes is given to pen down what you have perceived by way of number of characters, their age, their mood, etc. and 4 minutes to write a story relating to that picture. However, you will not be notified that 1 minute is over and only 4 minutes are left. You are at your liberty to utilize the time given.

Coming to the details of PPDT, You will be provided with set of instructions by the officer briefing you. These instructions may slightly vary in different selection Boards and therefore one is advised to follow them carefully.